Welcome to Anthony
Haines Textiles

We specialise in
woven Scottish Tweeds

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For more information or for any enquiries, please contact us on :

Tel: (01750) 20046
Email: sales@anthonyhainestextiles.co.uk


Welcome to Anthony Haines Textiles

Anthony Haines Ltd, based in Scotland UK, weave traditional Scottish Tweed fabrics and woollen ties. 

As a family-run company, we specialise in producing quality wool ties from fabric designed and woven in our own mill. This enables us to cater for the fashion end of the market and also for the country shops.

To see the full 'Anthony Haines Collection' please telephone 01750 20046 or fax us on 01750 22600 when we can give you the name of our local Agent.
You can also view our fabrics and Woollen Tie Selection on-line.


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